6 Reasons why you should be part of the Clean beauty trend

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How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

Over the past few years, we’ve started paying a lot more attention to the things we put inside our bodies and how they benefit us (or don’t!). So why wouldn’t you pay more attention to the products you use ON your body?

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of clean beauty and why you need to jump on this trend now.

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is all about products that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable, and ethically sourced. Clean beauty products were made to protect humans, animals, and the environment alike. The key philosophy of clean beauty is that taking care of yourself shouldn’t harm anyone. We only get one life and one planet, and it’s our job to respect it in all areas of life.

 Simplicity is key in clean beauty. The fewer ingredients there are in your hair and skincare, the better. Think of it this way, when you buy food at the supermarket, you want the ingredients with the least extra, unnecessary additions because they are usually the healthiest.

Examples of toxic ingredients avoided in clean beauty products include parabens, SLS, phthalates, and perfume/fragrance. Although there are plenty of clean beauty hair and skincare products that are plant-based, synthetic ingredients can also be used as long as they are not toxic.

The rise of clean beauty

The clean beauty movement started gaining momentum seven years ago in 2017. The 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor report revealed that between 2015 and 2017, the clean beauty and wellness industry grew in value by 12.8%

The main drivers of this trend are the prevalence of sensitive skin amongst many consumers, and people’s general move towards looking after their health better by watching what they ingest. And with platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and now TikTok allowing people around the world to widely spread information about the truth behind traditional beauty care ingredients, people are standing up and listening.

With this wealth of knowledge on the effects of toxic ingredients in the palm of our hands, we as consumers are now demanding better from the skincare and haircare brands we buy from and are after products with natural ingredients. 

To date, there are now hundreds of clean beauty brands including Versed, The inkey list, Youth to the People, Bare Minerals, Summer Fridays, and Tata Harper.And thanks to the demand for more clean beauty brands, these products are now staples in many bathrooms and makeup bags – many dethroning the old legendary products.

Six reasons you should be part of the clean beauty trend

Need more convincing to jump on the clean beauty trend? We’ve got you covered!

1. Avoid harmful toxins from being absorbed by the skin

We’re starting to understand the relationship between the products we put on our skin and hair, and how they can affect our health.

Our skin is an incredibly robust barrier, but it’s not impenetrable. Using toxic products daily can become absorbed deep into the skin and find their way into our bloodstream. Over time, this can cause health problems, including digestive issues.

 For women in particular who are already vulnerable to hormone fluctuations, toxic products can make this much worse. Unfortunately not enough research has been done on this topic, but over the next decade or so we’ll see many more studies on the true extent to which toxic ingredients such as parabens, SLSs, and many others impact our physical health.

2. Regular products can damage your skin’s microflora

Everybody’s skin has microflora. What is that? It’s the balance of bacteria living on your skin that keep it balanced and protected.

 And while having bacteria on your skin may sound scary, it’s important to remember that there are many good bacteria that live on there, too.

 Using clean products means using minimal ingredients that are pure and kind to the skin to maintain the healthy balance of bacteria on your skin.

3. It reduces skin sensitivity and reactions

There’s nothing worse than getting excited about a new haircare, skincare, or makeup product only to use it and be left in hives or with dry, red-raw, irritated skin.

 And the primary cause of this reaction is all the harmful extras that many companies add to their products.

 That’s why the stripped-back approach to clean beauty, uses only the ingredients needed and ensures they are ethically, and sustainably sourced with the least risk of contamination.

 With more and more people suffering from sensitive skin, this is a trend we all need to jump on!

4. Help protect the environment

We need to be more aware of the wider impact our beauty regime has. The products we use affect more than just our bodies, they affect the nature and wildlife all around us.

 When we use shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, etc, where does that product go? Down the drain. From there it makes its way into the water sources – rivers, seas, and oceans.

 That water houses abundant wildlife and feeds the forests through rainfall.

 So yes, that product we used in the privacy of our bathroom can create some pretty big problems.

 And if traditional products are toxic for us, imagine what they do to the fish, dolphins, turtles, and other wildlife that get caught in the crossfires.

 Changing to clean beauty brands means you’re not only protecting yourself but also the world around you. It’s a small, selfless act you can do to help save the planet.

5. It’s ethical and sustainable

Clean beauty is all about creating products that benefit everyone in the chain, from those that source the ingredients to those that use them (i.e. you!).

 Not only that, but these brands are eco-friendly and aim to control their carbon footprint to help protect the planet.

 And even better, they aim to make sure their brand does not take resources away by sourcing sustainable ingredients for their products.

6. No more microbeads or excess plastic

Many traditional exfoliators use plastic microbeads to help gently buff dead skin cells from both the face and body.

 These microbeads get into the water system and block breathing holes on turtles and fish, as well as killing them when ingested.

 But that’s not the only way removing plastic helps. According to a study by the House of Commons Library, the UK creates over five million tonnes of plastic every year.

 To reduce this, clean beauty aims to either use recycled plastic or look for alternative packaging solutions.

It’s time to come clean!

Source: https://www.blowltd.com/magazine/6-reasons-why-you-should-be-part-of-the-clean-beauty-trend

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